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Why Lima is the Saddest Place on Earth?

Before my first trip to Lima, in the Fall of 2015, I always believed it was similar to’all the other’ South American towns — filled with glorious buildings, surrounded by magnificent nature, and eternal sun. Little did I know that none of those things employed to Lima. It is one of a kind city. Also, it’s similar to ANY other areas on Earth.


My first glance of Lima, via a window of a landing plane, was a snowy, ill fog that surrounded us and I could not understand when we were actually landing or flying high over. When I eventually saw it, we had been about one minute near the floor, and before I knew it, we were in the gate. However, I did figure out how to obtain a fantastic summary of the surrounding area, and also that which I did see was too sad.

Not, to seem offensive, but to tell you the facts — Lima is one enormous slum. It’s some gorgeous, expensive areas in which the wealthy and privileged to live, but the vast majority of individuals reside in appalling conditions, literally from a mailbox. It’s a sad sight. And to top it off — there’s not any sunshine, which is for two months from a year.

We spent a week at Lima, and we just saw the sun come out after — for twenty-five minutes complete. The snowy sky is hanging quite low in addition to the city, also for those not accustomed to this kind of climate — one week is much more than sufficient time to drive one mad. I don’t believe I ever wished to get out faster from any city, besides Lima.

Beautiful and terrifying — Convento de San Francisco

Peruvians are amazing folks — kind, humble, hard-working, and friendly, and they signify South America well. So how can such a fantastic state have this unremarkable city as their funding? It could be explained through a fast return in history — after a few hundred years ago a little group of brutal, murderous, and covetous Spaniards entered the beaches of Peru, cheated and murdered a favourite Inca ruler, and ruined a beautiful and historical culture.

At that moment, the royal city of Cusco has been the official capital of Peru, and the majority of it had been demolished during this barbaric moment. The man, who had been the primary initiator of the bloody destruction, accountable for the reduction of many innocent lives, then founded a new capital on the banks of this contemporary Lima and that’s where it resides today.

Considering that then Peru was defeated, a large number of Spaniards began gradually moving, colonising the indigenous people, carrying away their faith and their territory, and making them work for pennies, to have enough to eat.

Miraflores — wealthy and expensive area of Lima

So what’s become of Lima now? Lima is a vast city, and it’s growing daily. The expansion is a result of the migration of individuals from several corners of Peru — individuals without work, searching for a way to survival. Folks so distressed a cartoon box at Lima is a better choice than anything lovely area they came from.

The overall absence of expansion and possibility for the last centuries created a massive division between the wealthy and weak, and in Lima, specifically, it is possible to view it at its extreme form. As well as the sad truth is that the bad in Lima are more reduced compared to most other sick individuals from different countries on Earth. One look at their living requirements has sufficient shock value to endure for life compared to other unfortunate areas within this World.

View of the shore from Miraflores

Among the couple’livable’, pricey, and so — touristy, areas in Lima is known as Miraflores, and it is where we stayed with my boyfriend. Miraflores is a walking distance among the most scenic viewpoints in Lima — that the beautiful view of the shore, where there are plenty of activities and areas of interest. In reality, among the most significant things you can do in Lima — would really have a stroll along the shore, all of the ways by the Larcomar mall into the gorgeous El Parque del Amor.

It’s not an inexpensive action, I must include, but the views in the flight has to be breathtaking. There are lots of suppliers that offer this service you can locate them here.

Stylish pets of Lima

One of the beautiful things that I discovered about Limans is they prefer to dress up their pets. Nearly every dog which we watched a road carrying a stroll with their proprietor, was dressed in some costume.

Other famous places of attraction in Lima — would be the Museo Larco, that became famous for its sensual selection of this ancient pottery functions, Huaca Pucllana — a prehistoric burial site, directly in the center of a contemporary city, Museo del Convento de San Francisco that retains a sizable underground assortment of… individual bones, and it’s found in the centre of the town alongside other important sightseeing areas, including Plaza de Armas, Cathedral of Lima, Palacio de la Union, along with many others.

It’s most likely the ideal time in a single day to explore this city. When the dusk falls and the night begins approaching quickly — you can visit the glorious Parque de la Reserva, where for a small entry fee you’ll be able to see one of the best fountain displays in the whole-wide Universe. Following the series, you can go over directly to the local Plaza San Martin, where it is possible to enjoy the city lights in its most glorious, then catch a cab to the Miraflores area, with its numerous restaurants and bars, for a yummy dinner and beverage.

If there’s one thing that made our stay when not merry afterwards genuinely enjoyable — it’s the Peruvian cuisine. They really do know how to cook their fish, and they understand it so well in actuality, my Colombian boyfriend and I immediately agreed it was the very best fish in all of South America, and likely even the whole World. If you do not believe me, then come and try it on your own!

You may try it in many different unique tastes, no matter how the first one is difficult to beat.

When we came in Lima, we had been cautioned about something only — that the un-safety of taxis. From what we discovered, there were lots of episodes of robberies, rapes, as well as murders. To be entirely honest — should I werewasveling lonely, as a lady, I would have felt scared, but because I had been travelling with my Spanish-speaking Colombian boyfriend, it had been much more straightforward.

Although we did encounter a good deal of illegal cab drivers, requiring a cover a few times the speed of this fare, we managed to prevent them by inquiring the price of the trip before accepting the excursion. If a motorist requested for a hugely inflated price — we just walked off. However, besides the threat of these cab drivers, there are incidents of pickpocketing, such as in the rest of the towns of Latin America, and the remainder of the World! Consequently, you absolutely should take all of the reasonable precautions (not wearing jewellery, expensive clothes and accessories, carrying too much money, etc.) and you’ll be OK.

It had been an American author, Herman Melville, that predicted Lima”the saddest city on Earth”, also not with a strange reason. To deny this statement is to take away countless years of unhappy existence of local inhabitants, nevertheless apparent for this day. Lima, in addition to the rest of Peru, needneedsee better times, and also the shift better is coming to it shortly. However, to forget a trip to Lima, for all these reasons, are a fantastic loss of chance; an opportunity that’s particular to Lima, and it doesn’t signify”what’s good, or what’s bad” from the World, but what’s utterly real.

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