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A Trip to El Nido, Palawan

At the northernmost point of Palawan is a coastal town called El Nido famous for its white sands, pristine beaches, limestone cliff formations, lagoons, and its numerous islets and islands.

It has been named as the Best Philippine Beach this year (2012) from CNNGo, also has drawn international movies and shows like Bourne Legacy and the Amazing Race. The motive would be simple even to us its paradise, and if you’re searching for a quiet, relaxing place to unwind and recharge, also if you are in search of a private getaway or are perhaps looking for inspiration and just pure enjoyment of the beauty of the Philippine archipelago, then there’s not any better place to visit than El Nido.

How Can I visit El Nido?

El Nido is travelled by land or air from Puerto Princesa City in Palawan. To go to Palawan, you will need to land in Manila first. The usual mode of transportation to El Nido, however, is by land. For your comfort, employing a van or booking a seat with us is suggested. One, we pick up you where you’re housed in El Nido or if you land in the airport. Two, you will find fewer individuals. That’s good as, three, whenever there are stopovers, you merely wait for this few. And with fewer people, it’s usually quieter. Vans are more ideal for friends and families who would like a more romantic journey.

Okay, so I’m ready to put on my flip flops and head to the beach. What else should I pack with me to El Nido?

  • Camera + Ziploc bag to hold the camera if you would like to take home with one of the gorgeous sceneries at El Nido.
  • Dry bags. You’ll be on a boat for the island tours and would probably swim to the shore, so if you can bring a sterile container with you (watertight plastic storage), then all the better.
  • Sunblock. Desire a tan but not the sunburn? Bring your useful sunscreen, caps and colours. However, by all means, sunlight is for your pleasure! We suggest you keep a handy little flashlight with you in case.
  • Mosquito Repellent. If you are a little sensitive with mosquitoes, then you may want to bring some natural
  • DEET-free mosquito repellant. There are no ATMs in El Nido, so it is best to have enough money in your pocket. Snorkelling is just one of those activities you can do throughout the island excursions. You can rent ski gear or bring your own.

What island excursions do you recommend I take?

Every islet at El Nido is well worth seeing. A day tour usually includes 5-6 islands which can take up the whole day! Now that is the way you maximise your stay in El Nido. Whether it be Tour A, B, C, or D, the islands are reflective of their collective attractiveness of El Nido. Thus we recommend you check them all out, if possible! You will discover secret beaches, big and tiny lagoons, even submerged caves! Tours cost Php 700 to 900 an individual, with new food cooked on the island for you and your company.

If you want to rent a private boat for you and your company, you can arrange for this with your resort or with any travel and tour services in El Nido. They usually cost Php2,500daily.

Electricity. El Nido electricity is OFF from 6 am — 2 pm and ON from 2 pm — 6 am
Wi-fi. There are several lodgings, restaurants and cafes offering free wi-fi when you float in their places. November to May is the peak season in El Nido and many hotels are fully-booked on this time. We propose at least a month or so before your trip to reserve your hotels so that you avoid the hassle of hunting for a place to stay in during the peak season. The early bird gets the worm.

  • Lodging choices. El Nido can adapt unique sorts of travellers with different kinds of the budget — rates can go from Php 700/room to tens of thousands per night.
  • Restaurants. Don’t be afraid to explore the restaurants; however, also read reviews to help you make a decision. Vegetarians have their choices too. Check this out.
  • Explore the town proper. Get in touch with the locals. The attractiveness of El Nido isn’t just in its islands but also in its people. They are friendly, accommodating, and warm — traits that Filipinos are known for.

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