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Can Travelling make you Happy?

Science has shown travel is among the most significant ways to keep happy.

Before we speak about the science supporting travelling, let us get to the base of happiness.

Discovering and keeping happiness can be hard, but there’s a good deal of science trying to fix the issue.

With the latest advances in engineering, we’ve started to actually quantify and measure what it is to be joyful –and thus –the best means to live your own life and attain happiness.

The road to joy might be unique to everybody, but research is showing us particular matters having the best impact for most individuals.

For over 20 decades, Dr Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at Cornell University, was attempting to untangle the intricate web of happiness as well as its connection with money.

During his study, Dr Gilovich has found that happiness isn’t sustained from purchasing things we need –even when they are things we highly want or believe to be the extension of our character.

But why?

Gilovich explains: “One of those enemies of pleasure is an adaptation. But just for some time. New items are exciting to us initially, but we accommodate to them.”


“Our encounters are a larger part of us compared to our physical products. You really can enjoy your material stuff. It’s possible even to believe part of your individuality is linked to all those things, but they stay separate from you. By comparison, your experiences are a part of you. We’re the total of our adventures.”

This study shows what many people intuitively know to be accurate. I’m confident that everybody reading this can immediately relate to this idea that undergoing things can cause higher states of pleasure than purchasing them.

Our most abundant and most valuable memories don’t originate from the material goods we have bought. Instead, they’re a consequence of the adventures we have had.
I am pretty sure this memory we’d in Belize will not be fading

Optimizing Happiness

Now that we’ve got a better comprehension of how to attain happiness let us optimise the practice of preserving happiness.

The science of pleasure has shown two Important components:

Therefore, what’s the perfect method of achieving happiness?


Travelling provides among the top sources of novelty because it attracts you to completely new cultures and places. The barrage of current stimulation significantly affects your mind and the way you process data.

Inside this area, time appears to slow down and that which feels enriching. That’s because you’re focused on consuming all the new details.
To put it differently, you are going to forget about the things you purchase. However, you won’t remember this…

The disconnection from the typical surroundings which you’re highly adapted to supplies a fresh and optimum atmosphere for pleasure to flourish in.

And does this bliss reside? Novelty.

You may readily become adapted to phone after using it for a little while, and as soon as the novelty wears off, you are going to be looking to substitute it.

But journey supplies us with all the opportunities to possess adventures of a life that can’t be substituted and will not be forgotten.

Purchasing physical items is distinct from you because you’re buying material goods, but having encounters are an integral part of you–and actually –forge you.

We purchase items to elicit joy, but what should we do things that immediately induced joy instead?

Having encounters which turned into a fabric of your individuality is a far more significant investment… .like cutting the middleman and purchasing right from the source.

Invest your hard-earned cash in fresh adventures, and you’ll be investing in a much better version.

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