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World’s Best Travel Destinations To Visit In 2018

So, you are already planning your annual vacation and are probably thinking you should go back to one of those nice places you have been to in the past. Why not? You enjoyed yourself last time, right? But did you really have the time of your life at the beach resort you visited a couple of years back? Did those cocktails you had on your last vacation really awaken your taste buds to make you feel ecstatic and invigorated? Well, if your past vacations have always been short of being amazing, it is time you style up and choose to visit one of the may top travel destinations in the world.

In 2018, there are so many wonderful, scenic and exotic places you visit in various corners of the earth. The world’s best travel destinations cater to people of all ages, races, gender and walk of life. So, there is definitely nothing to worry about when you choose to visit any of the top destinations that will be listed shortly. So, again, do not settle to go for a mediocre or okay-ish holiday or vacation in 2018. Strive to do better. You can get inspiration and ideas on where to go for a holiday this year and in coming years from the following places highlighted below:

1. New Orleans

The first travel destination on the list is New Orleans. Some people may rush to assume that New Orleans is just another okay travel destination in the United States. However, New Orleans has so much to offer. Its rich roots, history and heritage make it one of the best places to visit in 2018. Why?

First and foremost, you get to taste some of the best dishes on the planet at some fine restaurants and eatery establishments within the city. Your appetite can definitely be satisfied here. Next is the music which is the highlight of numerous festivals and celebrations held in the city every year. If you are in the mood of marching in the streets with a bunch of people you do not know while jamming to some good music, New Orleans is the place to be.

The best time to visit this destination is in April when the Tricentennial NOLA Week takes place. This is commonly known as the spring birthday season where various cultural events including community festivals and celebrations are held within the city.

2. Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville is a city in the western region of North Carolina. It is your typical mountain town that is renowned for vibrant brewing culture, farm to table eating and world-famous art to top it all of.

In 2018, Asheville is the place you want to visit if you fancy seeing some amazing artworks as you sample some amazing cuisines and delicacies. You can do this at the Biltmore Estate this coming October. Here you can expect to lay your eyes on one of the kind glass sculptures that are created and spread out on an 8,000-acre piece of land owned by the locals.

The other amazing thing you can do in this part of the world is drink beer and lots of it. Asheville has a very vibrant brewing culture that rivals that of cities in Germany and Belgium. There are several reputable breweries that have set up shop in the area so there will be no shortage of some good old beer.

3. Yunnan, China

From the United States, we head all the way over to The People’s Republic of China. We target the southwestern province known as Yunnan where you can expect a lot if you are new to the place. Yunnan is not a place you will be forced to go to as it has everything nature has to offer including sub-tropical forest and snowy mountains. The Yunnan province is very lucky to border various countries such as Tibet, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

It is safe to say that Yunnan has some of the landscape terrains any travel destination has to offer. The region has some of the deepest gorges in the world such as the Tiger Leaping Gorge. There are also vast terraces of rice plantations in Honghe Hani which are nurtured by the coloured waters of a valley called Blue Moon. Yunnan is the most culturally diverse region in China as it is home to nearly half of the ethnic groups found in the country. All these ethnics groups have their own distinct cultures and cuisines meaning you will have plenty of stuff to check out.

In 2018, visiting Yunnan is definitely a good idea.

4. Cajamarca, Peru

Peru is a beautiful country and it would be a shame not to include it among the top world’s travel destinations. Cajamarca is a special village city in Peru that has not yet gained a lot of popularity in the international tourism market. Nevertheless, this exotic destination has everything from gold deposits in the surrounding valleys and hills to natural hot springs and has been a stopover point for Spanish conquistadors, emperors and the obvious mining corporations eager to mine gold.

Do not be fooled though as Cajamarca is not your typical village city in South America. It is characterized by beautiful Andean backdrop, a time-warped central plaza, cobblestone streets, cobblestone streets, colonial edifices and more popular, a crazy annual party that is attended by people from all over the region. The city plays host to numerous festivals throughout the year. You can expect endless days of street parades, live music, plenty of cultural diversity, corn beer and even balloon fights every now and then.

During quieter moments, you can choose to try out some amazing ice cream at the country’s dairy capital.

5. Lisbon, Portugal

We are now off to Portugal. Lisbon to be precise. It is a well-known fact that Lisbon is a beautiful place with its amazing views of roofs in the city that have shades of blue, pink, yellow and red, cobbled streets, Atlantic surf and hills and beautiful Mediterranean skies.

But in 2018, the main reason you should make your way to Lisbon is to attend the annual Eurovision Song Competition that is being held from 8th to 12th May. The city is hosting the competition after 56 years of endless bidding. This competition is not only popular in Europe but in other parts of the world as well boasting over 200 million fans. So, everyone will be heading to Lisbon this year and it is bound to be an amazing time.

Lisbon is among the best global travel destination because it offers cheaper rates on food, accommodation and entertainment. When compared to other mainstream destinations in Europe such as London or Berlin, Lisbon is very cheap in terms of house rent and beach rates. Moreover, the capital of Portugal has a vibrant cultural scene which is always a good thing for travellers coming from all over the world.

Before we forget, there is the food. Lisbon is home to some of the most delicious seafood in the world. A visit to a restaurant like Pesca should offer you an eating experience like no other.

6. PyeongChang, South Korea

Many have now come to know this city in South Korea because of the just-concluded Winter Olympic Games. However, the city has always been a top travel destination even before it hosted this important sports event. PyeongChang, South Korea is one of the best places to visit if you are a fan of skiing. The city is tucked away in an often forgotten mountain region in South Korea.

Because of the just concluded games, the city has experienced an influx in luxury hotels and establishments. There has also been a significant improvement in infrastructure which makes your visit to the city much more enjoyable. So, if you are still up for a winter vacation, this is one of the top travel destinations you can consider.

7. Crete, Greece

Crete is a haven for Greek gods fanatics. If you are a fan of Greek Mythology and history, Crete is the destination for you. Apart from the gods, you can expect some of the best beaches in the world where there is no shortage of beautiful people having a good time.

Crete is actually the largest island in Greece and has very diverse cultures. This 3,000 square miles land mass is home to valleys, mountains and long sandy beaches lapped by the Libyan and Aegean seas. The island enjoys sunshine all through the year.

So, the weather is great and there is a rich history and heritage for you to explore in this part of the world. One key landmark that you must visit is the Palace of Knossos which was home to the mythical half-man, half-animal called Minotaur. That should keep you captivated throughout your entire trip.

8. Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya is a country in Africa for those who may not know. Kenya is actually one of the best Safari destinations in the World. If getting a closer look at how lions and cheetahs hunt in the world is your thing then this is the destination for you.

Kenya is strategically located in East Africa and is the economic and commercial hub of the region. It’s capital city, Nairobi boasts of being the only city in the world with a game reserve within the city limits. This means you can take a plane to Nairobi, land at the airport and drive to the game reserve where you can find the Big-Five in their natural habitat.

Kenya is also home to the world-renowned Masai Mara which is where the annual wildebeest migration takes place. The Mara as it is commonly known is located in the South Western part of Kenya and is one of the most exotic travel destinations in the world. Travellers can catch a plane from Nairobi to the Mara and stay in 5-star hotels and resorts strategically situated right in the middle of the Savannah grasslands.

9. Perth, Australia

Perth is one of the lesser-known cities in Australia when compared to other well-known cities like Sidney and Melbourne. However, this does not mean that Perth does not have its own share of amazing sights and tourism offerings. For starters, has a really vibrant night scene and restaurant market. Various establishments have been unveiled in the past year as the city becomes more connected and popular within Australia and all over the world as well. New developments such as the Aloft Perth are turning the city into a successful travel destination. The Aloft Perth is a state of the art hotel that has some of the best amenities and tech advancements you can find in any such establishment.

Another luxury hotel brand that has recently set up shop in Perth is Tribe. Tribe Perth is for those travellers that enjoy a calm and relaxing vacation experience where you can enjoy live music, comfortable communal spaces, rooftop yoga and all-day pantry.

The number of hotels, restaurants and other eateries in Perth per square mile now exceeds that of Melbourne and city. This coastal city is quickly becoming the preferred travel destination in Australia.

10. Essaouira, Morocco

There is no debate that Morocco is a beautiful country. It has gained a lot of fame and popularity in recent years because of being the preferred filming destination for the hugely popular TV series Game of Thrones. However or unfortunately the small town of Essaouira has not featured on the series but this does not mean that it does not have some amazing things to offer.

Essaouira is a stunning port town in Morocco that has panoramic views of the Atlantic coast. Presence of exclusive boutique hotels such as the Riad Dar Adul and the Villa Maroc is evidence that this is not your average port town in North Africa. Essaouira is actually not as popular as Casablanca, Agadir and Marrakech which are considered the top travel destinations in Morocco. However, Essaouira is steadily getting the attention and appreciation it deserves. The town is characterized by 18th-century fortifications, a beautiful old medina and a modest sandy beach that is very private.

This is a perfect destination for laid back and reserved individuals who do not fancy big crowds found in most urban areas. Here, you can enjoy an uninterrupted sunbathing experience as you sip on your favourite cocktails. The town is known for its amazing inshore gusts that give it the reputation of being Africa’s Windy City.

Talk of strong winds and a coastline and surfing comes to mind. Essaouira is also a haven for surfing enthusiasts from all over the world.

11. Nagano, Japan

The list would not be complete without an exotic travel destination in Japan. Japan is a beautiful country with an extremely rich culture and heritage. Nagano is not your typical international travel destination. It mostly has some really basic things that most people take for granted such as perfect powdery snow, steaming hot springs and chilled noodles.

However, because of the past glory of the city (hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics), the city has its fair share of popularity. Only recently, the city has been announced as the preferred host for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Because of this, a lot of growth and development is already taking place within the city. Many tourism establishments like Risonare Yatsugatake hotel have set up shop here.

Another establishment that is worth noting is the KAI Alps which is a luxury inn that is strategically located next to the Omachi Hot Springs.

12. Serbia

This not so much talked about country in southwest Europe is slowly becoming a popular international travel destination. Once part of Yugoslavia, Serbia has taken some time to become a place that people can actually visit and enjoy themselves. Luckily, Serbia has pulled up its socks and is now joining the big boy ranks of travel destinations. If you have heard of Montenegro or the Adriatic coastlines of Croatia then you are already familiar with the offerings of this beautiful country.

Visitors are already rushing to this largely unexplored part of the world. They are doing this mainly because of the amazing scenery, rich history and terrific savings made on vacations. Yes, you do not have to empty your pockets when travelling to Serbia.

Belgrade in Serbia is where you go to if you are looking to have a good time. With a vibrant nightlife that is equally as good as that of other major cities in Europe, Belgrade offers revellers the chance to dance away to their favourite tunes. You can expect an urban Soviet feel or glam in such parties which is actually quite good.

On Serbia’s border with Kosovo and Bosnia, there are two impressive national parks namely the Kopaonik and Zlatibar that offer a wide range of summer escapes and winter sports on some amazing mountain terrain.

That was a list of the world’s best travel destination to visit in 2018. Do not be afraid to explore and go to corners of the world that you never thought you would reach. All the best!


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